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Oh hi fellow gamer, and welcome to Flash Games Planet! Why don't you take a seat and...Oh you're already seated? Why don't we have a nice chat about the things that we both love then? Like us humans, games have undergone a long and steady process of evolution, which by the way happens so we can retain the traits that we need to survive while removing those features that are unnecessary. If we did not evolve from our ancestors, you would still be covered in fur and games would be giant black-and-white pixels moving back and forth on a TV screen. It is also evident that there is a power that guided us to become what we are now, a force that we cannot change so we had to adapt. It is the same with games too, and that force is us; we choose what we play, and it is the game that has to adapt to our likings.

Games don't just grow on trees or magically appear under the Christmas tree, hours of labour are put into them to ensure the most important thing in just about everything: and that is that they work. And because the game developers spend day and night, toiling in their desks and straining themselves physically and mentally, they would want compensation for their efforts, and that is why most of the games have to be paid for or earn profit in some other way. Thankfully though, there are still a few good souls who are satisfied with creating stuff for our amusement, and these people are present in the internet, making our precious online browser games of "Flash Games", that we enjoy during our most boring hours. We have our Strategy games to challenge our critical thinking, our Arcade games for a quick burst of fun, Adventures for a change of pace in the dull and boring day, and many other categories of games that could entertain us for hours on end. Too bad that there is this fierce little battle that all of us suffer through though: Quality versus Quantity.

For the games that we would have to buy first before we can enjoy, we would certainly give it the benefit of the doubt because no one wants to just throw their cash around without being assured that their money would not go to waste. Gamers played games in the past to pass the time, but now, some of the gamers play games to have an experience. It may be a minority for now, and games will remain to be pastimes for others, but the numbers will rise and soon we will have demands that the game makers may or may not want to supply. We would only play for experiences that we want to have, and developers give us what we want, but this could limit the creativity put inside a game.

The internet is a playground, both for the game players and the makers, and creativity is loved by all. Who would want to see the same thing over and over and over again? Do you love bacon? If you do and you are given the chance to eat only bacon for the rest of your life, you might be thankful for the first few months or so but regret it after that. That's why we always need something fresh and new, but sometimes fresh and new isn't that great. Creativity needs experiment, and they could be good or bad, or both. The demand is also present, even for the free games, and we have the capability to rate games as we please. Is it good or bad? Maybe there is potential for this game and its unique gameplay? Maybe you have constructive criticism or other comments that you would want to deliver to the developers to let them hear your appreciations or otherwise, reactions? Flash Games Planet has you covered on this, and this review site will let you exercise your rights. You are free to give your opinions, and rate the games as you see fit.

Don't let anyone stop you from letting the words out of your mouth. Think and speak because that is what the brain is for. Not only are you benefiting from the freedom, you also help other people to choose what games to spend their time on. Not everyone is a house person you know? There are people who are at their desks and are looking for some fighting games or driving simulators to play during the little break that they have. There could be some people who are itching for a good multiplayer game to do just before hitting the sack. You could vote for games that are good and can be recommended for other people to play, or you can make a warning sign for the games that are hardly worth the wait and save people from wasting time on loading screens that would only take them to something that cannot be appreciated much. It's like being a superhero, only that you don't have superpowers and you don't have a costume, and you won't be saving people from villains or terrible disasters, just some small matters... Okay so maybe it's not like being a superhero. It's just being normal, because being helpful is normal.

Each game developer has their own style and their own ideas, much like any other man in the world. They create paintings, and we are the spectators. They create music, and we are the listeners. They create situations, and we are the philosophers and debaters who will discuss and express our ideas about the subject. I'm afraid that not all can always agree on a single matter, and there would be people divided by their tastes and likings. There are people who approve and those who disapprove, and the brave men who know what they can do and would want other people to know what they can do, too. The internet is home to hundreds of thousands of games, and no one can possibly play all of them in a single lifetime. There are some games that you can't miss or else you'd figuratively lose one half of your life if you do (which is a bit exaggerated but you get what I mean), so let's all be nice and point out which games should continue to become models and standards for the evolution of flash games, and see that the ones that aren't really wanted, are replaced with something more interesting. Enjoy your stay and more power to gamers!

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